sobota, 17 listopada 2012


Some sketches, to get things going again here. I'm thinking about changes on this blog, the direction it should take.

czwartek, 5 lipca 2012


A little more than a month ago, a very nice lady representing Techland, one of few Poland based game developers, contacted me about a job opening in Warsaw. After some consideration I've decided to end/suspend my adventure with freelancing (quite an adventure it was I tell you :P ) and join their team. So for almost a month now I've been working as a concept artist on a project called Dead Island : Riptide. Keep an eye on it. It's going to be really cool :)

Naturally I can't show any of my work stuff so here's some most recent stuff from my freelancing gigs. I have a lot more to show when the time's right.

And some sketches.

niedziela, 13 maja 2012

Something new...big update.

First off, two characters I finished for a client. The first one is Ooze Priest.

This one is called Xesa.

Some characters I finished for my portfolio.

And some yet unfinished piece. Still working on those.

sobota, 14 stycznia 2012

January WIPs...

Some concepts I'm working on in between other stuff, thou calling it that is a bit of a stretch considering I've started one of them more than a year ago :P Just been busy lately :) They're all personal pieces, mostly started out as warmup doodles, hence the usual boring topics, aliens, creatures, mutated guys etc...

BTW. Happy new year to all of you :)

sobota, 10 grudnia 2011


Working on this guy inbetween jobs...

środa, 30 listopada 2011

niedziela, 23 października 2011


Ok, finally finished. Added some minor details and fx.

I'd really like to get into TCG illustrations, I have a gamedev conceptart background and most of my portfolio proves that :P So this is a first stab at doing a sort of rpg illustration portfolio :) More to come.

BTW. I changed the layout of the blog a bit, still needs some polishing. My website on the other hand needs a total make-over :/