sobota, 8 października 2011

Alien Concept

Yet another one :P Seems that I always have a lot of stories in my head when working on something. But when it comes to naming the finished piece it's either a "creature" or "alien" or simply "face". So this time it's an alien concept I've been working on in between jobs. I couldn't decide on his left hand so I made an alternative version. I figured that the guy on the left is a regular alien, and the one on the right could be a pilot, his hand helps him communicate with his space ship - sort of like symbiotic connection. Kind of like in Battlestar Galactica :P

Oh and a WIP. It's for last week's COW on - theme was "Swamp God". It's actually finished, I posted it in the finals thread, even got few votes, but some ppl pointed out that it's very dark. So I will be going back to it, trying to make it less obscure :)

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